Rom-Coms are bullshit

As a bartender I watched people all of the time look for Mr. or Mrs Right, and most of the time going home alone or with a huge mistake. Sometimes it was funny, or sometimes it was a huge mistake. I started thinking, all of those romantic comedies that people pay good money to see, if someone were to stand outside your bedroom window with a boom box, or interrupt your wedding, or any of that stuff, would it all end up in a stalking law suit?

Think of it this way, a girl goes to the bar one night, and talks to a guy that she felt reasonably comfortable with at the time. But then he leaves a note on her door saying he had a good time with her. But she doesn't remember giving him her address... That isn't a romantic gesture, its creepy.

Or a someone walks out to their car, and sees someone standing next to their car waiting for them. Should pepper spray be involved?

Its all a very touchy thing now a days for people to get other peoples attention, in hopes for possible relationships. The three day rule, or the three date rule. And why is being yourself encouraged, but often avoided. 

Sure I have seen the friend zone happen with a lot of people, but it often ends with one of them expressing their feelings, and the other being very uncomfortable around them from then on. Not the When Harry Met Sally thing where he says he loves all of the annoying things she does, and they kiss on New Years Eve.

If someone is playing "In your eyes," outside your bedroom window, do you go to them? Call the Cops? Or Yell out the window, "Peter Gabriel is a PUSSY!"


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