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I had a listener recently email me about how he didn’t care about tips to much. If a customer didn’t tip him, it wasn’t a big deal. But something popped in my head that could make it a big deal. You see that listener is from Spain, and I don’t know how they treat their restaurant workers out there, but here in America this is how I see it.

Majority of the service industry does not make more than minimum wage, no matter how long they have worked there. It’s been proven many times over that minimum wage doesn’t cut it for today’s cost of living. So in today’s world tips have to make up the difference, although tips aren’t always the path to riches.

Now here is the scary part of our story. If a restaurant worker should get sick, or injured, their money stops because they aren’t working, and medical bills... Depending on the illness or injury a person might have to take extended periods of time off. Or working  when they aren’t at even 60%. 

Bottom line people, take care of yourselves, and keep an eye on your money. For some teams in a person who has never worked in the service industry will never understand why tipping has become an important part of a person, or families income. They still think that they are just paying extra for a food or drink. Not paying attention to minimum wage equaling, working odd hours, time on their feet, knowledge, customer service... The list goes on.

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  • Hi Anthony,

    Recently started listening to your podcast in exploration of becoming a bartender.

    You are great at noticing things and I’ve really appreciated learning from your stories.

    Saw this recently and thought it might be of interest.

    Keep being you,


    Farzad S. Fazeliani

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