Picturing goals somehow actually works!

As your bartender I don’t want to be one of those Tony Robbins mother fuckers, but I am going to throw something at you that worked for me. A lot of the time I see people upset with their place in the world, they don’t make enough money, they hate their job, they hate their spouse... Well, this won’t fix it, but it might help.

A long time ago I set up a cork board, and started putting pictures on it of things I wanted. I put a picture of a cool car, a modest house, a cruise vacation, the job I wanted, a fake check for $70,000 a year, and some other photos of things to inspire me. Pictures of Captain Picard saying “Make it so!” And pretty girls, for encouragement reasons I swear.

One night I sat back and thought about my life, then I realized, I had the job I wanted, I had a cool car, a house, took a cruise, and I made over $70,000 the year before. I didn’t get the pretty girls, but still not a bad win loss ratio.

Im just saying, your mind can be filled with a lot of shit, and you’re shuffling everything around constantly. So your goals and dreams may get lost in the shuffle from time to time. So print out some pictures and put them in a place where you are sure you will see it. Believe it of not, everything will start coming together before you know it.

This is your bartender speaking! I only lie if there is money involved.

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