Famous people that worked their way up from a restaurant.

I always am amazed at how some people out there look down on people in the service industry. Sometimes I see people purposely treat their server or bartenders like crap just because they have a feeling of self importance. Why? I really don't know. 

Sometimes I hear things like people say things about servers like, they didn't finish school, or they didn't apply themselves, or they had a baby to early (that can be applied to men and women.)

Or bartenders! Some people treat them like the lowest form of life form, because they think they are thieves, or sexually promiscuous.

You know what people, I looked at a list of people that spent time in the service industry. Who kind of made a name for themselves:

Ellen DeGeneres 

Bruce Willis

Chris Rock

Jennifer Aniston


The list is huge, but you get the idea. Bartenders and servers can become whatever they put their mind too. All you need is a vision and picture it in your head every day, and you will find what you are looking for. 

Being a bartender was a great time in my life. I wouldn't change it for anything, because I made good friends, met interesting people, and learned more about myself than I thought. Like how what I thought was sarcasm and jokes, made me come off like an asshole. I'm still and asshole, I'm just very aware of it right now.

Never think you're stuck in your job. Only you are holding yourself back.


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