Danger in the bar.

I had someone remind me recently about some life or death problems that happen in a bar, or any place really. 

When I was first starting out, someone gave me the best advise when it comes to danger in the bar. Particularly if someone wants to rob the place at gun point. 

Here is what I learned:

1. Keep your customers calm. Panic can mean a whole mess of trouble, its important that they see you calm, so they will be calm.

2. Don't be a hero. Being a hero can sometimes get you or someone injured or worse, so its best to stand down.

3. Give the person what they want. If all they came in for is money, just give it to them. Ask them if they want it in a bag. Your bar is insured, and will get that money back. Plus if they got what they want, the threat is over, everyone is safe.

4. Now, call the police. Tell them everything you remember about what the person looked like, what they took, and if you remember what direction they went.


Those are the best ways I know to deal with that kind of a situation. I keep that in mind, because it is probably the safest way to deal with a robbery at gun point. 

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