Customer service award goes to...

I was just in a bar today, just stopping for a burger mostly. Bars always have great hamburgers! No bullshit, no nonsense, no fancy shit grilled,  sautéed , or anything that really doesn’t belong on a burger, patty that is about an inch thick, mmm tasty. But I digress.

I sat at the bar and this girl walks past me with earbuds in. I thought she was a cashier, dish washer or something. Then she picks up her phone, presses a few buttons and says, “Need a menu?” I thought, what kind of server/bartender is allowed to listen to her earbuds during her shift? No exchange with her customers, no personality... she even took a phone call while I was trying to get her attention for some ketchup! 

Since I couldn’t get good customer service based on my good looks, I still cashed out, tipped her, and left her a Hey Bartender Podcast business card and Poker chip. Maybe she will listen during her shift.🤞

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